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Who are the Yorktown Roadrunners?
We are a summer youth running club in Yorktown, Indiana (click here for more about us).

How long has the club been around?
Yorktown Roadrunners started in the Summer of 2010.  The Summer 2024 program is our 15th consecutive year!

What do you do?
We meet twice a week in the summer to run (and/or walk) and learn about training, fitness, and health.

Who can join?
Youth entering grades 3 to 8 who live in or near Yorktown.

Do you have to live in Yorktown to join?
No.  We also have members who live in Cowan, Daleville, Muncie, and other nearby locations.

How can I join?
Registration is available online during our membership enrollment period (click here for more info).

How much does it cost?
The fee for the summer program is $30.  The fee is due in full at the beginning of the program.  This cost includes a club t-shirt, participation awards, and other club expenses  The only additional cost will be participation in optional outside events that we do as a group (e.g. participate in races, etc.). 

When are the meetings?
We meet in the summers only.  Our Summer schedule is Monday and Thursdays from 7 to 8 p.m.  Participants are encouraged to come both days each week... or just as often as they can.

When and how long is your season?
The program will be 9 weeks.  It begins in early June and ends early August.  See our schedule for more info.

I am not a good runner.  Can I still join?
Of course!  We encourage you to join us!  We only expect that you participate regularly, set goals and pursue them, and attempt to improve over time.  You don't have to be able to run fast or far.  Walking when necessary is an option.

What is the "CHALLENGE" on your schedule?
Each year we challenge our runners to participate in Yorktown's "Four for the Fourth" event.  There is both a 4 mile and 1 mile option.  The entry fee for this is not included in our membership fee - so parents are responsible for registering their kids separately.

Why are there two meetings per week?
Participants now have the option to come on Monday nights, Thursday nights, both, or any combination throughout the program.  We encourage all of our runners to come to as many workouts as possible.  However, kids are welcome to be a part of the club if they are only able to commit to one meeting per week due to other sports, activities, etc.  It is our hope that scheduling meetings on two nights per week will give our members more opportunities to have fun running as a group, motivate them stay active, help them achieve their award goals, and provide more options for busy family schedules.