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30 July 2018

Log Submission and Other Final Instructions

Please read carefully!
  1. Attendance/mileage logs are due at tonight’s meeting (7/30) – as it is the last regular meeting of the program.  We will at Morrow’s Meadow at 7 pm.  Running for tonight will be optional.  (Runners who need a couple extra miles to meet a goal may run – those who have completed their goal can run if they like.)
  2. Important:  Parents, please review the log carefully before submitting.  Make sure:  (1) all of the attendance (at the top of the log) is marked correctly, (2) the “challenge” event(s) are marked appropriately (top right of the log), and (3) all miles are accounted for and the accumulative mileage total has been calculated properly.
  3. The information on these logs will be used for ordering awards – which is why it’s important to review/confirm the information before submitting.  All information regarding award criteria is on our website: – if you have other questions feel free to contact Kirk at 765-760-8222.
  4. Shirts for all registered participants are available and can be picked up at the meeting tonight.  We will have the kids wear their shirts for our Awards Program and will also take group photos at that time.
  5. Our Awards program will be in a couple of weeks (after the award order arrives and we can reserve a room with the schools).  We will announce the date, time, and location ASAP via email and social media - so please be watching.