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12 May 2020

Summer 2020 Statement

For obvious reasons with the current COVID situation, we regret that we will be unable to hold our regular Summer youth running program in 2020.

However, for PAST MEMBERS of our running club who would like to run this summer ON THEIR OWN (under the supervision of parents/guardian) we will be happy to provide an Achievement Award medal and certificate at the end of the Summer - AT NO CHARGE!  This will also count towards runners seeking to meet "Hall of Fame" criteria.

Here's what you need to do...
  1. Parent/guardian email to register youth runner
  2. Set a goal (30, 45, 60, or 100 miles for the Summer)
  3. Download a running log
  4. Start running ASAP!
  5. Be safe and follow all social distancing guidelines
  • All miles run between May 11 and July 31 will count towards awards.
  • Only Achievement Awards and "Hall of Fame" Awards (for those who qualify) will be provided for 2020.  
  • Please see AWARD CRITERIA link for more details and guidelines/rules.  

If there are local youth (Yorktown and close surrounding areas) who have not been a part of Yorktown Roadrunners in the past, but would like participate - a parent/guardian can email to request information.