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01 May 2023

2022 Hall of Fame Inductees

Cole Shockey

Age at Induction:
Years in Yorktown Roadrunners: 3
Yorktown Roadrunners Awards:  2X Gold Award Recipient, 100 Mile Club Member, 2X Commitment Award Recipient
Other Running Accomplishments: Yorktown Track Camp  
Other Sports and ActivitiesMetro football league. Dcfc soccer. Church choir. Piano lessons. Violin lessons. Youth group.
Favorite Subject in School: Reading
Favorite Thing about Roadrunners: Achieving my goal

Isaiah Loney

Age at Induction:
Years in Yorktown Roadrunners: 4
Yorktown Roadrunners Awards:  1X Silver Award recipient, 1X Gold Award Recipient, 2X 100 Mile Club Member, 4X Commitment Award Recipient
Other Running Accomplishments:  Middle school xc (state) and track, and running four for the fourth
Other Sports and ActivitiesSwim club, xc, track, swim team
Favorite Subject in School: Math
Favorite Thing about Roadrunners: Running with friends