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08 June 2010

Running Etiquette

One of the first things we discussed in our meetings was running etiquette.  Etiquette means proper behavior, conduct, or procedures.  Running etiquette is the proper way to conduct oneself when running with and around others.  Here are some great general guidelines for running in multi-use public areas.

  1.  Stay to the right
    In this way faster runners may pass you easier and you won't get in the way of others coming from the opposite direction.
  2. Go with the flow
    Make sure to follow any posted instructions about the direction you are to run.  If none is posted, try to go the same direction as the majority of others using the trail/path.
  3. Stay out of the way of others.
    Never force others off the path.  Don't try to squeeze through small openings.  Run off the path yourself if necessary to avoid getting too close to others.
  4. Don't run more than two side-by-side.
    Running in a big bunch of people will make it difficult for others to pass.  In a busy area, consider running single file.
  5. Don't stop suddenly on the path.
    If you need to stop to tie a shoe, stretch, etc... first run off the trail/path so others don't run into you.
  6. Be polite, considerate, and respectful to others.
    Be a good ambassador of the sport!  Treat others as you want to be treated.  Never tell someone to "get out of the way" or anything like that.
  7. Be friendly.
    Smile.  Say "hello" or wave.  Say "thank you" when others move out of the way.
  8. Don't expect everyone to know good running etiquette.
    If others don't follow the same etiquette just move along and don't worry about it.  You will encounter many people who are not runners and may not know what you know.  Some may just be walking their dog, playing with their kids, etc.
  9. Workouts are not races.
    Run at your own pace and let others do the same.
  10. Never litter.
    Keep the parks and our planet clean and beautiful.